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Datapod Projects: Addressing ESG Concerns

Leveraging Data

for Climate Action

Datapod projects leverage data to address ESG concerns & facilitate carbon credit trading, driving impactful climate action. 🌱📊 #ESG #CarbonCredits

Fresh New Leaf

Our Focus Areas

Climate Change, An Overview

Get an in-depth understanding of the current climate change scenario and the impact of human activities on the environment.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Explore practical ways to reduce carbon footprint in daily life and contribute to a sustainable future.

Advocating for Environmental Justice

Learn about the importance of environmental justice and ways to advocate for fair treatment and meaningful involvement in environmental decisions.


About Datapod Projects

Datapod Projects is committed to utilizing data-driven solutions to tackle ESG challenges and drive positive environmental and social impact. Our mission is to empower organizations and individuals to make informed decisions for a sustainable future.


Meet Our Experts

Velle Niqo Tay


Co-Founder & CEO (Business)

Velle Niqo Tay, Co-Founder of Datapod and serial entrepreneur celebrated for her innovative ventures that go beyond traditional business models. A keen eye for opportunities and extensive network consistently demonstrated innovation and success and strategic partnerships across diverse business landscapes. As the founder of impactful social enterprises, Velle believes in the power of business for positive change, addressing both economic and societal challenges with a strong committment to sustainability. She plays a crucial role as an executive committee member of several prominent NGOs including Directorship in one of the UN Actors, contributing strategic insight and management expertise to global efforts. Recognised internationally for her work in sustainable projects, combining business acumen with deep sustainability principles to develop innovative solutions. A visionary leader, Velle inspires her teams to embrace innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility, shaping a brighter future through her committment to sustainability and transformative leadership.

Kevin Vuong


Co-Founder & CEO (Technology)

Kevin, founder of Datapod, brings over two decades of global experience across semiconductor manufacturing, marketing, operations, and consultancy. Started as a bank teller, he transitioned into technology roles at various MNCs, leading production lines for giants like Apple, Bosch, and Samsung. His innovative mindset drives him to excel and pioneer groundbreaking sales & marketing strategies.  Kevin has extensive knowledge in big data and social analytics that revolutionized insight selling and competitive tactics. A forerunner in the Fintech industry, he set forth to build successful blockchain and tokenization businesses. Kevin is recognised for his capability in trendsetting analytics, and anticipation of industry movements, that shortened product launch cycles. In additional,  Kevin contributes actively to several NGOs. He aspires to shape a more equitable technological and entrepreneurial landscape through advanced solutions addressing societal and environmental challenges.

Dr Ching Seng Tee


Environmental Policy Advisor

Dr Tee was one of the Founder of the PEACE and served as its Vice President till now. He has vast experiences in external and international relations, he is well connected with most of the Asia, Africa and Latin America government and international organizations. He has worked steadily at various levels of the political, business and United Nations affiliation systems focused in several key portfolios areas such as foreign affairs, bilateral relationship, political and policy making participation and national ecological safety. He served as Vice Chairman of the Steering Committee of the UN Habitat-IESCO Youth Empowerment and Urban Safety Committee, during his appointment, he promotes and advocate policies for improving youth abilities, promoting their employment and expanding their social participation which would accelerate urban development to the greatest extent. He executed the key tasks of "Youth Empowerment and Urban Ecological Safety Action Plan" which design and make a system to provide a scientific and objective evaluation tool for the target cities to identify its ecological safety condition and the tendency of ecological system. He is the Contributors & Advisors for UN Habitat CHINA STATE OF URBAN YOUTH REPORT 2014-2015. 

Dr Chao Jen Huang


Environmental Policy Advisor

Dr. Huang has more than 30 years of experience in international political economy, international business and relations. In the period of year 1998-2012, Dr. Huang worked as a research fellow and promoted as director general at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research. Since 2013, Dr. Huang has been the director general and distinguished research fellow of Commerce Development Research Institute in Taipei. Dr. Huang obtained a bachelor’s degree of arts in Diplomacy and a master’s degree of arts in International Law and Diplomacy in National Chengchi University in Taiwan. In 1998, he obtained a D.Phil. in Politics from University of York, UK.

“Data-driven actions lead to impactful changes, laying the foundation for a sustainable future.”


Crafted with sustainability at its core, the High-Performance Cloud Server stands as a pinnacle of engineering excellence, designed to be the most potent of its kind ever assembled.
Modern Building

Our Story

Introducing The Next Generation Of Cloud Server Technology

DataPod Pte Ltd is proud to present the DataPod-C8080A, the most powerful HPC cloud server ever built. It is a unique and compact all-purpose server that is engineered to have world-class performance, power efficiency, reliability, security, and configurability.

Let DataPod Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

DataPod stands at the forefront of cloud server technology, offering a wide range of hosting services and cutting-edge microprocessing server solutions. With a long-standing reputation for technical excellence, DataPod is the preferred provider for businesses and governments in need of secure, reliable, and scalable cloud server solutions throughout Asia and beyond.

With Datapod Solutions Cooling Tower, Cooling Water and Air Conditioner is history!


No Cooling Tower required!


No Cooling Water required!


No Air Conditioner required!


Improve overall system reliability by minimizing thermal cycling


Environmental friendly and maintenance free infrastructure

Energy Efficient

Power reductions of up to 80% achievable with the new patent pending hybrid systems


No Special Infrastructure required!

HPC Supercomputer with Built-in Security

Containerized fast deployment and performance speed of up to 110x with no data integrity compromise including improved cyber-attack resilience with no software or firmware hacking



Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services to grow 20.4% to US$494.7 bn in 2022 and to nearly US$600.0 bn by 2023


Worldwide spend on data systems to grow 5.5% to US$218.6 mil in 2022 and to US$230.4mil in 2023


Asia Pacific is set to become the world’s largest data centre region over the next decade, fueled by demand from hyperscalers and governments

by Gartner 2022

Global Data Centre Demand

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